So You Say You Wanna Date An Older Woman Part 1

So you say that you would like to date an older woman. I get the appeal, I really do.  It starts with her openness, doesn't it?  Her ability to be vulnerable in a way you’ve never quite experienced, it’s not entirely without fear, but it’s with an understanding that this fear is momentary. She's walked through fire and come out the other side and you love that strength.  She’s openly discovering parts of herself that she never knew existed and in some ways you're helping her with that.  She’s excited for you and what you're building, but not because she wants a piece of it, she has her own, she doesn't need yours.  She wants to see you realize your dreams and will never get in the way of that, because she knows she must realize her own.  She has spent too long in the wrong places, so seeing her feeling like she’s in the right one with you, is something to behold. 

You watch her at dinner from across the restaurant table, speaking animatedly about her day as she takes a sip of her margarita.  A small smile starts to grow inside of you, slowly making its way to your face, she sees it and she smiles too. You enjoy the way she sits in her own pretty, not needing to act pretty because she just knows that she is.  Her comfort in her own skin is the sexiest thing about her, the thing that makes you feel warm when you're near her.  She’s not interested in marriage or living with you, she’s been there, she’s done that.  She has her kids already and it's very unlikely that you will ever have to worry about getting her pregnant, after all she is grown and trustworthy.  Her own space and her own company are what she loves the most, yours is extra.  You are the icing on her cake and she makes no secret of that.  Living out loud is her thing, so you know exactly who you're dealing with.  And the sex, the sex between an older woman and younger man…it’s different to say the least.

It starts with you, being able to be entirely you when you’re with her.  She’s secure enough within herself, not to need you to be anyone else.  You tell her what you love in bed and she doesn’t  judge, she feels honored to be the one you can share it with.  She's worked through her own shame and judgment is no longer part of her life.   Your sex life with her is raw and open, she has realized who she is sexually, understands her own body, its power and the freedom that lies within it.  All she wants is for you to help her explore it further. 

She has lost time to make up for, so she’s a bit insatiable on most days. You have her on the living room floor, the kitchen counter, the edge of the couch, your bathroom sink, everywhere, anywhere.  She gives her whole self to you, because doing things half way holds no appeal for her anymore.  She understands that when you tell her how you would love for her to look, it’s not a rejection of who she is now, but merely a fantasy that you would like fulfilled.  The lashes, the stilettos, the thin yoga pants that trace the outline of her femininity. The lingerie how you like it, very high fishnet stockings, the ones where her ass cheeks gently spill over the lace bands that hug tight around her thick thighs, the sheer bra that allows your tongue to trace her nipple through it.   The way she talks shit in bed, nothing is taboo when she’s with you.  This kind of older woman is different from the rest.   You say this is what you want, but can you actually handle her? 

To be continued soon: Pt. 2 "What You'll Need To Know If You Intend To Try"

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